Welcome to Rondall Lam's Fan page for Adam a.k.a THOR

Sharing my journey and passions

And his admiration for his hero Adam whom he likes to call Thor

First of all

About Rondall Lam

Explore Rondall's vast experience, skills, and passions that he has cultivated over the years. Get to know his unique perspective and creative approach to life. Also his biggest hero is his friend Adam whom he admires and refers to "Thor"

Not to mention

Rondall's Creative Journey

Discover the imaginative and playful side of Rondall's work. Dive into his creative journey and explore the unique skills and experiences he has acquired over the years.

Rondall loves watching all the Thor movies over and over because he is just so intrigued how his Friend Adam is just like Thor and he hopes that one day he will be like Loki

And let's not forget

Fun and Playful Interests

Get to know Rondall beyond his professional achievements. Explore his diverse range of interests and discover what brings joy and excitement to his life.

He also collects figurines of Thor sculptures and has them all around his house and has actually be debating whether to get a Thor tattoo... More to come!

About Rondall Lam

Rondall Lam is a multi-talented individual who has mastered various skills over the years. With a passion for creativity and a love for everything, Rondall shares his expertise and interests through this platform. Has a borderline unsafe obsession with Thor...

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